Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Girl Stuck In A Rut

Obviously i am not a very dedicated blogger- at ALL.
BUT. i think i could look past that as long as i was a dedicated "dieter".
Unfortunetly im not the best at either.
For a while i was doing lots of cardio, and eating little carbs and sugar and that was working great! but for the past few months i have become lax in my diet and no matter how much cardio i seem to do i cannot lose the weight. I am stuck! Currently i am at 183lbs. which is 20+ lbs. from my initial weight. GREAT right?! well yeah...buttt i really need to kick it up a notch! I want to lose another 20lbs. by the end of this year (atleast) and in all i think i want to lose 40 more. which would put my weight right around 140.
I am still very proud of the 20lbs. i have lost so far but lately i just feel FAT! like seriously! Which is why i am taking a new approach!
Starting this week, there is a girl at the gym who wants to train me three days a week! She is in the process of getting her license to train and is very interested in using me as a guinea pig. I am so very excited to begin this process! origionaly i wanted to lose 30lbs. before i started any circuit training and focused on getting toned at all, but from what i have learned circuit training is key!
I am really hoping that i can stick to a strict diet for the next few months and work my butt off with my new trainer to meet this goal!
Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still here!

Believe it or not, im still here!
Just been very busy and going through some issues.
Despite an encountered lull, i have started losing weight again. last week i lost 4 lbs. bringing my total weight loss to 21 lbs!
So very excited to see me getting closer and closer to my initial goal weight!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Roll with the punches

Still feeling pretty blaahh and not eating the best.
But i wanted to share somehting with you guys,
for the past couple of months i have been wanting to get a punching bag! Its kind of odd and random, but sometimes when i get frusterated or stressed i just wanna turn on the hardcore rock and punch at something!
Soooo look what i found!
Ok, a little cheesy with all the pink, but i found this on walmart.com and it supports the "fight" for breast cancer! how cool!
Plus it is so cheap compared to every thing else!

Do any of you box? do you love it? Do you do it often?
let me know!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long time no talk

Yeah, yeah, i know. Its been a while.

Mostly because i have been super busy lately. They have got me working 4 nights a week recently because of spring break (did i mention i live in the spring break capital? yea.) and because the schoolwork has been stacking. And ALSO because ive been pretty lazy with my losing lately.

Last saturday i weighed in at 189.8 after a week of cheating (lots of soda and sweets) and 4 days of the gym. I was really happy to see this number because ive been stuck in a lull lately and have been bouncing around 192 and 190 for the past two weeks.
But apparently, seeing myself back in the 180's was not inspirational enough to get me motivated for this week.
Again, i have been pretty lazy so far. Ive been very lenient with my calories allowing myself to have soda. Which is odd, because im really not that big a fan, but water has become so boring. Also i have gotten sick (again) and last night i had panera soup in a breadbowl (hello carbssss) and some ice cream from work.
On top of that, ive only been to the gym ONCE this week. FAIL.
Still not feeling grand today and i have to babysit at 530 so im still debating on whether ill go...


Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh Monday, how i hate you...

I am sure im not the only one feeling this way, but MAN! Where DID the weekend go?! seriously!
Since saturdays weigh in i have been a little discouraged and a little loose on my eating. Not full out calorie queen or anything, but last night i had a sandwich for lunch, and then a hamburger for dinner (as we were having a party for my sister in law) and i had a wheat bun on it. So thats pretty rare for me, i dont usually have two servings of bread in one day like that, but oh well. Today is a new day.

This morning i tried something new that most of you bloggers just rave about:

Yep, greek yogurt! The verdict? not bad! not at all.
I mixed in some rasberries, blueberries, strawberries, some oats, and a couple of chocolate chips...is that weird that i crave chocolate that early in the morning? lol i think so! i dont know what is wrong with me, ive been having the craziest sweet tooth lately.

So ladies, i know you are all anticipating tonight...so i MUST bring it up

Tonight, at 7pm i will be sitting in front of my television, probably with a sweet treat indulging in my love interest! lol

Tonight will probably be the only leisure night that i will enjoy though, as i have to work Tue,Wed,Thur, and Sat nights. Im sure i will be exhausted and likely to fall asleep in first period every day this week. Plus on top of that, i need to fit in going to the gym at leasttt four days this week. But oh well, all this work will pay off when i get my paycheck next week!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


today is weigh in day and you wont believe this.
it said i weigh 192.0.
SERIOUSLY?! A loss of .8 lbs?!
Okay, besides my little crazy McDonalds incident, i have worked REALLY hard this week! Ive eaten right for the most part every day, been eating fruits and veggies, protein in the morning, and ive gone to the gym 3 days so far (im about to leave to go there now, so that will be 4) and each of those times i did an hour of cardio (usually around 400 calorie burn).

I just dont understand how this can be so when there have been weeks when i have eaten really badly and gone to the gym twice, and still managed to lose 2 lbs!
I'm thinking that maybe my weight is fluctuating because im about to go on my period or something? But i never really know because i am ALWAYS irregular, i usually get one every two months, but if i get it when i think i will, it still wont be till next weekend, so would my weight be fluctuating this ealy??

I think I will hop on there again tomorrow morning, maybe my body is just having a strange morning. idk.

Now im starting to understand those bloggers who dont use the scale though, because i was feeling really good this week and i could tell my jeans were getting bigger on me, but now that ive stepped on the scale, i just feel like a loser.

Have any of you had experiences like this?
Why do you think this is?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A McFailure.

Well as you might have read, Monday started off great! Tuesday was exceptionally well too!
This is what i had:
Breakfast: Egg white and oranges.
Lunch:Veggetables, 1/2 a cup of wild rice left over, oranges and a flax seed cookie.
After i got home from school i made a yummy strawberry, blueberry and rasberry smoothie before hitting the gym.
Dinner:Grilled chicken Breast with salad and a litttle bit of home made 1000 island dressing. Also, i made some broccoli mixture type stuff to put on my chicken which turned out to be delish!

And Then Yesterday...
Well breakfast was normal, eggs and oranges.
Lunch i had leftover chicken breast over a salad with a little dressing and some fruit.
But dinner is where it gets a little sketchy.

i worked last night, so of course working at chik fil a the temptations are EVERYWHERE. But the odd thing was i had this CRAZY craving for a burger. Not just any burger, a McDonalds burger, which is weird because i dont normally like McDonalds any way!
So i decided to go ahead and get my craving out of the way so i could be completely focused for Saturday's weigh in.
So after work (10:30 pm! which makes it EVEN WORSE!) i got a hamburger, medium fry and regular coke.
Which was a total calorie count of like, 900?
The verdict?
I feel bad. I feel like it wasnt even worth it!
Im trying to convince myself its okay, because now that i have that out of the way i just need to make these next few days really count.
Im really hoping to lose 3 lbs. or so this week.
Guess we'll see!