Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Girl Stuck In A Rut

Obviously i am not a very dedicated blogger- at ALL.
BUT. i think i could look past that as long as i was a dedicated "dieter".
Unfortunetly im not the best at either.
For a while i was doing lots of cardio, and eating little carbs and sugar and that was working great! but for the past few months i have become lax in my diet and no matter how much cardio i seem to do i cannot lose the weight. I am stuck! Currently i am at 183lbs. which is 20+ lbs. from my initial weight. GREAT right?! well yeah...buttt i really need to kick it up a notch! I want to lose another 20lbs. by the end of this year (atleast) and in all i think i want to lose 40 more. which would put my weight right around 140.
I am still very proud of the 20lbs. i have lost so far but lately i just feel FAT! like seriously! Which is why i am taking a new approach!
Starting this week, there is a girl at the gym who wants to train me three days a week! She is in the process of getting her license to train and is very interested in using me as a guinea pig. I am so very excited to begin this process! origionaly i wanted to lose 30lbs. before i started any circuit training and focused on getting toned at all, but from what i have learned circuit training is key!
I am really hoping that i can stick to a strict diet for the next few months and work my butt off with my new trainer to meet this goal!
Wish me luck!

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  1. hey, girl.
    20 pounds is totally achievable.

    and i wanted to invite you to follow my new blog?

    and holy moly, you are young!
    17 seems like forever ago to me :)