Thursday, March 18, 2010

Long time no talk

Yeah, yeah, i know. Its been a while.

Mostly because i have been super busy lately. They have got me working 4 nights a week recently because of spring break (did i mention i live in the spring break capital? yea.) and because the schoolwork has been stacking. And ALSO because ive been pretty lazy with my losing lately.

Last saturday i weighed in at 189.8 after a week of cheating (lots of soda and sweets) and 4 days of the gym. I was really happy to see this number because ive been stuck in a lull lately and have been bouncing around 192 and 190 for the past two weeks.
But apparently, seeing myself back in the 180's was not inspirational enough to get me motivated for this week.
Again, i have been pretty lazy so far. Ive been very lenient with my calories allowing myself to have soda. Which is odd, because im really not that big a fan, but water has become so boring. Also i have gotten sick (again) and last night i had panera soup in a breadbowl (hello carbssss) and some ice cream from work.
On top of that, ive only been to the gym ONCE this week. FAIL.
Still not feeling grand today and i have to babysit at 530 so im still debating on whether ill go...


1 comment:

  1. Glad your back! and yay for the 180's! There's always a time when everyone feels unmotivated, i'm sure you'll get back on plan in no time!