Friday, March 19, 2010

Roll with the punches

Still feeling pretty blaahh and not eating the best.
But i wanted to share somehting with you guys,
for the past couple of months i have been wanting to get a punching bag! Its kind of odd and random, but sometimes when i get frusterated or stressed i just wanna turn on the hardcore rock and punch at something!
Soooo look what i found!
Ok, a little cheesy with all the pink, but i found this on and it supports the "fight" for breast cancer! how cool!
Plus it is so cheap compared to every thing else!

Do any of you box? do you love it? Do you do it often?
let me know!


  1. pink pink pink! so cute!
    i'm often more tempted by things packaged in pink and purple, being, apparently, still an 8-year-old girl. i have never used a heavy bag and my fiance broke his wrist on one so i'm a little nervous, haha... also i don't have the space. but if i had a finished basement or something this WOULD be mine, oh yes. i bet it's great for getting agression out!

  2. Very cool!!!

    I so want to do kick boxing, I tried it a few years ago but was too heavy and my knees killed me during and after. I think once I shed some of my weight I'm going to try again.