Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh Monday, how i hate you...

I am sure im not the only one feeling this way, but MAN! Where DID the weekend go?! seriously!
Since saturdays weigh in i have been a little discouraged and a little loose on my eating. Not full out calorie queen or anything, but last night i had a sandwich for lunch, and then a hamburger for dinner (as we were having a party for my sister in law) and i had a wheat bun on it. So thats pretty rare for me, i dont usually have two servings of bread in one day like that, but oh well. Today is a new day.

This morning i tried something new that most of you bloggers just rave about:

Yep, greek yogurt! The verdict? not bad! not at all.
I mixed in some rasberries, blueberries, strawberries, some oats, and a couple of chocolate that weird that i crave chocolate that early in the morning? lol i think so! i dont know what is wrong with me, ive been having the craziest sweet tooth lately.

So ladies, i know you are all anticipating i MUST bring it up

Tonight, at 7pm i will be sitting in front of my television, probably with a sweet treat indulging in my love interest! lol

Tonight will probably be the only leisure night that i will enjoy though, as i have to work Tue,Wed,Thur, and Sat nights. Im sure i will be exhausted and likely to fall asleep in first period every day this week. Plus on top of that, i need to fit in going to the gym at leasttt four days this week. But oh well, all this work will pay off when i get my paycheck next week!


  1. Don't feel discourage!! You are doing a fantastic job and I bet your hard work will show on your next weigh-in. I sometimes eat 2 servings or bread in a day(for breakfast and lunch) too.
    I need to try some greek yogurt myself!
    LOL I dont think craving chocolate in the morning is crazy, I sometimes crave it the whole day (I <3 chocolate)!
    WOW your a very hardworking girl!
    kudos to you!
    p.s Stay motivated! your VERY close to your goal!

  2. I have some greek yogurt in my fridge that I haven't tried out yet. Maybe I should mix in some strawberries that I have or something. I heard it's an "aquired" taste. But it sounds like you didn't think it was too bad. Maybe I'll try it tonight.

    Thanks for the review.

  3. Hope the month is going great for you girly!