Saturday, February 27, 2010


today is weigh in day and you wont believe this.
it said i weigh 192.0.
SERIOUSLY?! A loss of .8 lbs?!
Okay, besides my little crazy McDonalds incident, i have worked REALLY hard this week! Ive eaten right for the most part every day, been eating fruits and veggies, protein in the morning, and ive gone to the gym 3 days so far (im about to leave to go there now, so that will be 4) and each of those times i did an hour of cardio (usually around 400 calorie burn).

I just dont understand how this can be so when there have been weeks when i have eaten really badly and gone to the gym twice, and still managed to lose 2 lbs!
I'm thinking that maybe my weight is fluctuating because im about to go on my period or something? But i never really know because i am ALWAYS irregular, i usually get one every two months, but if i get it when i think i will, it still wont be till next weekend, so would my weight be fluctuating this ealy??

I think I will hop on there again tomorrow morning, maybe my body is just having a strange morning. idk.

Now im starting to understand those bloggers who dont use the scale though, because i was feeling really good this week and i could tell my jeans were getting bigger on me, but now that ive stepped on the scale, i just feel like a loser.

Have any of you had experiences like this?
Why do you think this is?


  1. Congrats on the weight loss even though it's not as much as you wanted.
    Yes I had experiences like yours and it's only when I am on my period. Sometimes I even have gains although I did really good during the week, and on my next weigh in I usually lose about 3-4 lbs (which is a lot for my weigh-ins).
    Don't worry about it, you did a really good job this week and you have your lose pants to prove it. I bet you'll lose more next week. Keep up the great work!

  2. Dont worry! you've done so awesome so far!
    .8 lost is better than .8 gained, right?
    I'm also on ww and it happened to me all the time.
    sometimes the next week catches up with you!
    i believe the next week i lost like 2.3 lbs
    it was unbelievable.

    stay positive! ANY loss is a good losss.