Thursday, February 25, 2010

A McFailure.

Well as you might have read, Monday started off great! Tuesday was exceptionally well too!
This is what i had:
Breakfast: Egg white and oranges.
Lunch:Veggetables, 1/2 a cup of wild rice left over, oranges and a flax seed cookie.
After i got home from school i made a yummy strawberry, blueberry and rasberry smoothie before hitting the gym.
Dinner:Grilled chicken Breast with salad and a litttle bit of home made 1000 island dressing. Also, i made some broccoli mixture type stuff to put on my chicken which turned out to be delish!

And Then Yesterday...
Well breakfast was normal, eggs and oranges.
Lunch i had leftover chicken breast over a salad with a little dressing and some fruit.
But dinner is where it gets a little sketchy.

i worked last night, so of course working at chik fil a the temptations are EVERYWHERE. But the odd thing was i had this CRAZY craving for a burger. Not just any burger, a McDonalds burger, which is weird because i dont normally like McDonalds any way!
So i decided to go ahead and get my craving out of the way so i could be completely focused for Saturday's weigh in.
So after work (10:30 pm! which makes it EVEN WORSE!) i got a hamburger, medium fry and regular coke.
Which was a total calorie count of like, 900?
The verdict?
I feel bad. I feel like it wasnt even worth it!
Im trying to convince myself its okay, because now that i have that out of the way i just need to make these next few days really count.
Im really hoping to lose 3 lbs. or so this week.
Guess we'll see!


  1. Oh my word... If I worked at freaking Chik Fil A id be in chicken heaven... Sooo flipping yumyy..ARGGGGGG When ever my brother who lives in Canada gets of the plane here in Ga its the first place he goes..... LOL
    Thanks for following my blog, I look forward to following you ...

  2. I seriously think you haven't failed. You've done really great the days before so think of it as a treat to yourself (don't get these kind of "treats" often though ;) ) and on the upcoming days you go to the gym do 5-10 mins of extra exercise to even the cals out. I bet you'll do just fine. By the way your food looks yummy! Thanks for the tip!

  3. yikes! i worked at mcdonalds when i was pregnant. BAD news. you can do it, though- just make sure you have alternative snacks!